The territory

Amalfi Coast is situated on the Sorrento peninsula.

We find the "Lattari mountain", which rocks are "calcareous-dolomitic". The ground of the coast is very fertile, thanks to the Vesuvio's eructions that has always been covert by pyroclastic materials.

The highest crew of the Peninsula of Sorrento are "monte S. Angelo a tre pizzi", 1443 mts high, above Positano, "monte Cerreto", 1316 mts high, near Ravello. Following the Lattari Mountain we meet other crews, "monte Rotondo","monte Candelotto" and "monte Finestra". This last crew throw itself in the Tirreno Sea, from Cape "d'Orso".

The coast has many valley, born throught the water erosion of little river, as Canneto, Dragonea, Sambuco and where the people built our towns.

The clima of the coast is typically mediterranian, but we can find some micro-clima as in the "Valle delle Ferriere", between Amalfi and Scala, rich of water, where leave some rare ferns, like the "woodwardia radicans".