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During the XVIII century, Amalfi Coast knew the first form of tourism. But only in the last 50 years of the XX century, the coast had ore attention thanks to its panorama, its nature, its places, discovered by VIPS and appreciated by all tourists that come here.

The tourism became the first activity on the coast, while some types of trade are disappointed.

Neverthless, some artisans still works leather, silk or produce hand paper, hand pasta.

On the coast there are less of 40.000 inhabitants. The biggest town is Vietri sul Mare, while Conca dei Marini is the smallest.

Different is the area of the towns, where the biggest is Tramonti (about 25 Kmq), while Atrani the smallest, it's also one of the smaller in Italy, with its 0,10 kmq. Atrani has another record too, it has the biggest density of inhabitants on the coast.