The Ravello's Villas

Coming to Ravello, we can see two wonderful villas. They are villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, where many artists were charmed to the place and they received inspirations  for many their works. One's Richard Wagner, in the villa Cimbrone's garden said:""The magic garden of Klingson it's discovered".

Villa Rufolo was built during the XII century, thanks to the Rufolo Family. The entrance of the villa is on the main square of Ravello,by which is visible the arabic style tower.

Villa Cimbrone, like the other villa, was built in the XII century over hte Roman villa ruins. In this villa there is a cloister, with two bas-reliefs, that represent 9 Normann warriors, while the other the seven deadly sins. From the garder we can see a wonderful panorama of Amalfi's coast.