Santa Maria de Olearia

This monastic complex was built between 950 and 1000 years AD, thanks to the monks Pietro and Giovanni. 

The monastry is very important because it holds the middle-age monastic remains. 

We find three different chapels with different architectures; the oldest chapel is placed below the other two, holds  many religious frescoes. The fresco better retaired is near the entry. It has four figures that represent the Bless Virgin, who wears a red clok; on her right side, there is a Saint who wears the typical Byzantine armour. On the left side of the Virgin, there is a bearbed Saint with his long white tunic and his yellow cloak. The fourth figure represent the costumer  of this chapel. He has on his hands a church model.

The middle chapel built during the XI century, it hold frescoes painting in the XII century.

The last chapel, dedicate to S. Nicola has many frescoes, which represent some miracle of the Saint.