The "Chiostro Paradiso" 

The Chiostro Paradiso

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In the architectonical complex of the Amalfi's Cathedral, we find il "Chiostro Paradiso"

The archbishop “Filippo Augustariccio”,  between 1266 and 1268 built the  "Chiostro Paradiso”, used as churchyard  for the noble; the cloister was realised near the old church and so it was connected to the Archiepiscopal Palace.

From the end of the XIII century and the beginning of the XIV century, in this churchyard,  there were six frescos chapels belonged to the noble family of Amalfi and they lodged sarcophagus of the most important parents.

Today we find just five sarcophagus; two of them  are dated VI century B.C. and they came from Paestum; the other two, dated IV A.D., were discovered in the coast.

The most important fresco of the “Chiostro Paradiso”, by Giotto school, represents the “Crucifixion of Christ”.

Crucifixion of Christ” -  Giotto's school .