The old Arsenal

Another place where we can discover the wonder past of the Republic is the old arsenal; we find it on the left side of the “Porta della Marina”, one of the oldest door that ventured to the sea.

Nowadays this side has just 10 columns that divide the arsenal in two passages with cross vault.  



The Amalfi Marine used as war ships some boats called “Sagene”, of Arabian origin and they were nimble and fast. The Amalfi sailors used, later, the “galley” with two mastes, two sails and from 108 to 120 sweepers.

The Amalfi sailors had also commercial boats, smaller than the first one and called “Teridi” – “buctio” and “cocca”.  

Since IX century, the Amalfi ship were Known in the Mediterranean Sea; in 849 a fleet composed also by  Amalfi’s  wars ship defended Rome against Saracen invasion. This historical episode is remembered  in the Vatican Museum, where there is a  fresco by Raffaello Sanzio.

Antichi Arsenali

It is the rest of a bigger structure dated  XI century; it probably reached until the quay, but it was destroyed by a violent sea-storm in 1343.