Natural Reserve of the  "Ferriere"

This natural reserve was born in 1972; it is situated in the north of the Amalfi valley; the reserve takes an area of  455 hectares, among the Scala's mounts, that is crossing by the "Canneto" river. 

The reserve is in a very special position, it is protect by the cold winter wind; the average temperature, during the year  is about 15 degreas, with an high tax of humidity. 

These caracteristics are very important to save end growing up some plants, like the Woodwardia radicans, pre-glacial giant fern. Besides this fern, there are other plants like the Pteris cretica, the Pteris vittata,  the terminalis heath and the little carnivorous plant Pinguicola hirtiflora.

The geomorphology of this valley is special, we find in the valley a wood with beechs, ilexes, pines and limes, while around of it there is a typical mediterranean vegetation.

In the reserve live many animals, like the salamander, the badgerm, the fox and many birds, like the kestrel, the red woodpecker.