Il Salone "Morelli"

The " salone Morelli" is situated in the town hall of Amalfi.
This little museum told the "
Tabula Civitatis Malphae".

"Tabula Civitatis Malphae"

it is the first maritime code, with its 66 chapters (which 21 in latin) that codified the navigation, from the charter to the insurance.


 The museum is open from
Monday to Saturday 
 (08.00 - 14.00)

for information:  tel. 089/871066


We can see too, the tradictional costumes used during the historical race of the " Antiche Repubbliche Marinare



The tradiction awards that the compass was invented by "Flavio Gioia" from the Amalfi coast, around XIII century.

 Of course the figure of Flavio Gioia is connected to the improvement of the compass, that with the "compass-card" has came until today.L’invenzione della bussola nautica


Flavio Gioia
 Flavio Gioia