Amalfi... undersea.

Some underwater researches discovered that until the XIV century there was a wall structure on the seaside of Amalfi; then, not only the family story handed down during the century tell us about the Amalfi harbour, but, also some photos show us something under the sea.

struttura muraria

Mr. Giuseppe Gargano, an historical of Amalfi, with some friends found the secret sea of Amalfi and thanks to them we can know the underwater world of Amalfi.

Since 1979, many researches have been organized under the Amalfi sea and at the end the enigma of Amalfi underwater has been resort. We know that there are a lot of structures under the sea, as harbour, quay, dockyard.

bitta in fabbricaAlready in front of “Marina Grande” (the biggest beach of Amalfi), at 3 meters deep, we find a vast circular area, called “Scario” where the commercial sailors of Amalfi built their ships and where they beached  their boats. After the “scario”, at 6 meters deep, they still found  a double wall line, built with “mortar” and between of these a sandy channel. There were other two walls, 1,5 meters high and 20 meters long, where there is a “bollard” used to anchor ships. The complex whole represent the old docking of Amalfi , with harbour built on the sea and on the mainland, probably during the first ten years of the XII century.

Arco sommersoIn front of the two new modern harbours, at 7 meters deep, they found an artificial platform. This structure, 20 meters wide, it is cover of sand. In the middle has been discovered a rectangular  hole excavated  by man and near this hole another bollard.

On the eastern side of the platform, there is an arch structure, partially covered with sand.

strutture murarieThese discovering, thanks to old documents permitted to establish, that they were the “Molo Capuano” built by the Cardinal “Pietro Capuano” in 1209, and ended in 1271 by the Amalfi University. That opera has been completely realized in the water, using Arabic technology. For this reason the Amalfi people were famous for their capacity to build harbour, as it showed the Naples’ harbour construction in 1306.

But how is disappeared this structure?  

Today the official geology is working on the hypothesis of unexpected undersea landslide and accentuated by a sea storm during the night of 24/25 November 1343, that the people has always confused with a sea-quake.

thanks to:

                        Gianni Addabbo, for photoes,
                       and  prof. Giuseppe Gargano.