Between pre-history and history

The pre-history of the coast began in the "Stone age"; It was discovered some signes of human activities  in the "Grotta di S.Andrea" in Amalfi, when the cave was far to the sea, how it's showed to another cave called "grotta dello Smeraldo". This cave, today on the seaside, shows many stalagmites and stalactites built more than 32000 years ago, that couldn't shaped in the sea.

Other signs of human  presences on the coast, was discovered in Positano, in the cave called "la Porta", where they found deers and steinbock remains.

When the clima changed, about 6000 years ago, and began warmer, the sea flooded wide areas of the coast.

We can tell that,  about 3000 years ago, began the historic age of the coast (it's the Bronze age) and in Tramonti there was human places. But the history began when Roma, with its aristocracy, discovered the coast and built wonderful villas everywhere.

Si ringrazia  il prof. Giuseppe Gargano per il testo.