The ships

The Amalfi Republic had   merchant ships and warships.

The first ones were built on the "Scaria", open dockyard on the front of the sea.

cocca da trasporto

The ships used were:

the  vassel, with three masts and two or three deckers; the terida or tartana, with big sails; the carracchia, that has three deckers; the sagizia, with 15/18 stalls to row; the  caravel, from  26 to 30 "cubiti" long; the lignum, that carried from 300 to 700 "salme"; the navetta, that carried about 500 "salme".

Others ships were the cocca, with three masts and it carried 125 barrels; the buctio, with its barrel form.


Instead, the warships  were built on the "Arsenal" closed dockyard, that were in Amalfi, Atrani and Minori.

At beginning Amalfi built Byzantine warshipe, called "dromoni", with 100 rowers and the sagene, of arabic origin, that were little and fast. Later, they built the galee, heavy warships, with rowers (108/120 oars).

liburna amalfitana

The "galea", that means in greeck Sword-fish, was 36/45 meters long and 5/6 meters wide. Galea del IX secoloThe bow had a ram used to throw stones. On the stern there was the castle with the helm. In the beginning the galea had just one mast, later they built one more, that, thanks to big latin, they also sailed with unfavourable winds.