The Bronze gate of  Amalfi

When we arrive to the entrance of the Cathedral of Amalfi, we find a big gate. It is in Bronze. Two Amalphitain merchants gave, Mauro and his son Pantaleone de Comite Maurone gave the gate to the Amalfi's Church, in 1060.

The gate is called "in Bronze", because it hold an alloy of copper (62%), zinc (17%) and lead (19%). 

Amalfi - porta di bronzo

Amalfi - porta di bronzo - dettaglio

In the middle of the gate there are four figures in silver. They are Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, San Andrea and S.Pietro. 

Only the figure of San Andrea is shiny, because it is always touched to the faithful (San Andrea is the protector of the Amalfi's town).

We still discover  on it a latin enrolment, about the genealogic tree of the Comite Maurone family: Pantaleo filius Mauri filii Pantaleonis de Mauro de Maurone Comite.

The gate has many leon heads with a ring on thei mouth. One of these rings came from a Byzantine harbour of the IV century, used to dock boats.