The  Mariner Republics

Historical race

corteo storico amalfitano sungo le scale della Cattedrale

During the 4th decade of the XX century, somebody had the idea to make a manifestation that could recall the Italian Marine Republic and,  in December 1955, in Amalfi, it was written out the deed of the Race Organization.  

Since that date, each year, a “Republic Marine”  (Amalfi, Genoa, Pisa and Venice) organizes the manifestation that includes an historical procession and a boat race. 

the historical procession______________________________

Each town in the procession represents an historical episode that has been very important for his past.



The  historical procession was planned by Roberto Sielzo (art-director) and it represents the society of Amalfi during the best period of the Republic. The costumes Arabic-Byzantine were realised in linen, brocade and silk.

The procession shows all social classes of Amalfi and we can find the Duke, judges, archers, Knight of S.John of Jerusalem  and sailors. In the middle we can see the scene of the marriage between the duke’s son and a noblewoman.



It recalls the consular period of the town. The main episode represents “Guglielmo Embriaco”  called “Head of Mall”, who leaded the navy of the town to the siege of Jerusalem during the first Crusade. The procession represents also the main social classes of the town.  



The procession has, as main-figure, the heroine “Kinzica de’ Sismondi”, who in 1004, was able to baffle a Saracen attach against  her town ringing bells that drew the armedes forcing so the Saracen to retire.  

In the procession are also represented other important figure of the old town, as the Admiral of the fleet, consul of the sea and the head of the commercial corporation.  



The procession represent the town organization; the main figure is the Doge, with the Senators of the “Serenissima”, and the Ambassadors with his retinue (8 damsels), who come ahead of “Catherine Cornaro”, the Cyprus’  Queen  who gave, in 1489, the isle of Cyprus to Venice.  

      the race ________________________

The boats of the race are built using the model of boats of the XII century. There are 8 rowers leaded by a steersman.  

The race is 2000 meters long and the layout is different for each town: Amalfi on the open sea, Genoa in the harbour, Pisa on the river and Venice on the lagoon.

Each boat is about 11 meters long and 8 quintals heavy  and it brings the traditional colour of each Republic Marine (blue – Amalfi, white – Genoa, red – Pisa and green – Venice).  

the golden buch