the "pirates"

The history hand down us a war event, which, not only the Amalphitain ships, but also Genua and Pisa ones (other Mariner Republic) partecipated, all together. the Alliance among these Republic had an exact purpose: destroy a common danger.

They had to destroy a pirate's den, which infested the South Mediterranean Sea, giving many damagesto the merchant navigation; the base was discovered near the town of Al-Mahdiyah, long the north african coast.

The Amalphitain navy was commanded by the rich amalphitain merchant Pantaleone de Comite Maurone, ypathos (consul) of the Easter Empire.

Between July and August 1087 the alley fleet landed troops on the African coast and, thanks to the courage and the shrewdness of the Amalphitain Pantalenone, who knew the arabic town of Al-Mahdivah, the pirate's den was destroyed.