The hand paper

When the people of Amalfi discovered the paper produced by the Arabians, they seized the secret to manifacture  it. 


Quickly the paper production was developed thanks to the richness of the little rivers present on the coast. We do not have documents throught them it is possible to date back the beginning of the production, nevertheless we know that "Federico II", during 1220, forbidded at the Amalphitain, to produce the paper, called "Bambagina".
But the paper production, especially after the Council of Trento, growing up and spreaded quickly. During XV century  the Amalfi's paper was known in all country in Europe ; infact many foreign writers wwent to Naples to publish their works with this special paper.

But the future was ingrateful to the paper mill of the coast and, at the end, after flood and the developement of the industry, the paper mill in the coast disappeared. Today, in Amalfi,  just two Paper mills produce the famous paper.