la zuppa di pesce



Wash the mussels and clams throug out, let them open in a pan with a drop of oil, on a hot fire; drain them and keep the stock.

In a pan fry lightly, garlic with oil, add the whole peeled tomato, salt, pepper, and let cook for 15 minutes slowly adding the wine and the stock.                                                 

Add the calamari and cook for around 20 minutes, add the fish of your choice and cook for 10 minutes, finally add the clams and mussels and wait a few moments before adding rosted slices of bread. 


THE INGREDIENTS for 6-8 people:

2 kg of mixed fish, calamari or octopus
1/2 kg clams;
700 gr. Mussels;
800 gr. Whole peeled tomato;
garlic, oil, salt, pepper;
1 glass red wine;
white bread slices;