Seafood Rice


Lightky fry the chopped garlic and chilli, add the calamari and parsley, after a few minutes add the shrimps.

Separately open in a pen the mussels, clams, venus clam, take the shell out and add them to the other seafood, together with some of the broth, and the wine

Lightly fry the chopped onion in another pan, add the rice and slowly cook adding some the seafood sauce, when ready add all the seafood, mix and serve with parsley on top.

 THE INGREDIENTS (4 people):

500 gr. rice;
200 gr. shrimps;
600 gr. whole peeled tomato;
500 gr. mussels;
500 gr. clams;

500 gr. calamari;
4 venus clam;
garlic, a slice of onion;
1 glass white wine;
parsley and chilli