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Wonders of the Amalfi coast :.

Amalfi :.The Amalfi coast is a mixture of history and nature, with a lot to discover: the Cathedral of Amalfi, the villas in Ravello and the many churches built during the period of the republic of Amalfi. Furthermore to discover the Galli's islands facing Positano, the Emerald Grotto, near Conca dei Marini...
Events on the Amalfi coast :.

Events :.There are many traditional events on the Amalfi coast: Saints days, and festivals and celebrations for everyone. Each town and village, from the smaller to the most important feature events to let visitors discover a piece of mediterranean culture and tradition...
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History of the Amalfi coast :.

History :.Historical information on the Amalfi coast are available in this section. The first settlement on the coast dating back to the first Century B.C. The underwater remains of Amalfi, the origin of the bronze door of the churches of Amalfi and Atrani, and more...
Interesting facts :.

Curiosity :.Historical information about characters, and events that have left a mark in the history of the Amalfi coast. Interesting facts about pirates, knights, and more...
Environment :.

Environment :.The Amalfi coast features two wonderful places, the natural reserve of the "Ferriera", and the marine reserve of "Punta Campanella". Both preserve the natural balance of the environment...
Cooking :.

Cooking :.From the Scialatielli to the sfogliatella. News and gastronomical information from the Amalfi's Coast, and some advice from the Chef...

Museums :.

Museums :.The Amalfi coast features many small public and private museums, such as the paper museum, the ceramic museum and more...
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